Let us Introduce Ourselves...


Hello! Welcome to the “online kitchen” of the culinary twins! We are glad to have you. I am sure you are reading this particular paragraph because you are curious about the creative minds behind this treasure trove of recipes. Without further ado, let us introduce ourselves.




Our names are Mary and Claire and we are identical twin sisters. We love to cook, bake, and even grill. Basically, we have a passion for wholesome, gourmet food. It is our belief that creating delicious and impressive meals doesn’t have to be hard; rather, it can be simple. Our enthusiasm for food began at a very young age. Thinking back, we can still smell the incredible kitchen of Nona (our grandmother), where our passion was born. We have incredible memories of shaping homemade gnocchi, rolling out cookie dough, or pouring fresh raspberry syrup over a plate of steaming pancakes in that kitchen. As we grew older, this passion never left us. Additionally, it took on additional meaning when our Nona passed away in 2013. In our society where premade meals are becoming increasingly popular, it is our hope that this blog brings the joy of homemade food to thousands of tables.


When we aren’t in the kitchen, we are studying, practicing photography, volunteering for local nonprofits, or playing with our pets.


Before you leave, take some time to explore our recipes, tips, and photos. Some of the recipes were passed down to us by our Nona (Visit Nona's Corner for all her recipes) while others are our own creations. Be sure to check back often and follow us on social media so you never miss a new recipe. It is our hope our blog inspires you to unfold that apron, get out a mixing bowl, and awaken your culinary talents.